The company can trace its lineage back to the 1930s


The company Ingelsten & CO was founded in 1937 by
Ivar Ingelsten, Harry Modeen, and Ivars father, Gustav
Ingelsten. The companys business philosophy was to
manufacture tools for other companies in the neighbourhood.
A couple of years later, the company started
manufacturing own products, such as curlers, wave
curlers, and clips.

During the 50s suspension brackets for curtains, and
typewriter spools were added to the program, and
ventilator grills for facades, which were patented. In the
50s and early 60s the pressure switch was a big product.
This product was sold at the end of the 60s and the
company now concentrates its business on contract
manufacture of sheet metal parts. 

In 1980 a change of generations took part. Lars-Uno Josefsson, Jan Ingelsten and Hans Modeén took over the company.