Sheet metal processing

Deep knowledge of the material (read more in our sheet metal school) and different processing methods are required for a good end result when working with sheet metal. We process sheet metal in several thicknesses in our mechanical workshop in Anderstorp, with a special focus on deep drawing. We have processing capacity for smaller to larger series on a subcontract basis with competitive delivery times. Sheet metal processing is carried out in accordance with our quality and environment policy, which ensures that you as a client can feel safe when hiring us.


Your first stop as a customer is our tooling department where we share advice and design special tools need for production. This is where we help you develop a prototype. We can take care of the entire process – from idea to assembled product ready for delivery.

Processing Methods

Deep drawing is our specialty, but our well-equipped workshop also allows for welding, bending, hydro-mechanical forming, pressing and cutting. The surface finishing process is carried out by our partners. If you have any questions during production, we have personnel in place to give you continuous updates.