Eccentric pressing

At Ingelsten we have very wide knowledge of sheet-metal pressing and how it should be implemented in order to achieve optimum results and a satisfactory final product.

Depending on the product's physical form and the material's thickness, we can find a suitable machine to tackle the job. We work with both automatic presses and manual presses, with the choice determined by the component's quantity. We are also very careful to maintain a high level of precision in the cutting process, and always do what we can to reduce unnecessary wastage.


What is eccentric pressing?

Eccentric pressing is an effective way of shaping metal through moulding, bending and hole-punching.

Eccentric pressing is a technology which uses an eccentric press to press a workpiece into the desired shape through a varied number of impacts. This machine can perform several different operations, making it both practical and cost-effective.

An eccentric press functions through what is called the eccentric mechanism, which entails converting a circular movement into a linear movement. In other words, in an eccentric press, the force in the impacts derives from a motor which circulates and thus generates the power to strike the metal with a tool.

One of the major advantages of eccentric pressing is the very wide range of applications. A number of different tools can be used to perform a large number of different operations such as forming, bending, riveting and hole-punching in sheet-metal of all shapes and sizes.